Asensio plays CM/CAM, his stats arent impresisve but his contribution is amazing. I'm honestly asking. Zidane was an amazing player, a legend, but he never racked up a lot of goals. Dembele has special sense for assisting, he is as good in counters like Asensio, he is faster, he is on par with him in final third. Watch Queue Queue. Kylian Mbappe lit up the 2018 FIFA World Cup with his astonishing performance, somewhat making … He also scored another cracker against Sevilla. Maybe he is even better.Amir: I've noticed, for some time now, you having a bias against Real Madrid. @tuan I really like Lacazette but it's like when I was younger, I loved to watch Giggs and I have 3 Giggs shirts but as soon as he retired and that generation ended with Sir Ferguson my feelings went away as well, so I can't really fake it with Arsenal as a whole club. He can't, even tho he is playmaker/CAM. That one goal would barely get in the highlight reel of them two.I think its the first time ever i agree with Amerr statement lol. I will however mention the difference of quality in the teams they've played against. Maybe he was? This is how you distinguish the stars from the flops. I said Berrardi, Dembele and Renato were the best youngsters at that moment. The only reason I don't talk about Dembele in the same light is that he hasn't proven himself 'the way' the other two have. That is where he made his name, not in Lique 1.Asensio has been even more impressive because the teams he played against have mostly been of top-top quality. Ascensio has everything and as I said before, i find the Vasquez-Ascensio-Benzema combianation more fluid and effective than the BBC.Mbappe is also a crack, Dembele is a level above at the moment, he doesnt do the right move the right time as often as the players he is compared to. Dembele is far behind these two imo..I'll go with the unpopular opinion here, Dembele for the win, even though his decision making is not as good as the other, his sheer skill and ability is pretty incredible. Although, switching to other rivalry club because of 1 visiting to a mega store is a super weird thing :D:D:D.@Golazo: really? We'll see how he does. You can be the most talented dribbler in the World, if you haven't gotten game intelligence - you won't add much to the team, you'll be a liability.How is he different from Robinho? ;) I really wouldn't call that a flop anyway. XDBut joking aside, thank you for your experience on the subject sun, very interesting. Only Dembele because both of these players based their game on their dribbling ability. The second has the POTENTIAL to be eliteIs it wrong that I imagined Vegeta and Goku from DBZ when you said that.

I'm honestly asking. Mbappe shone to the World mostly in Champions League against elite opposition. Only Mbappe has that while the other 19/20 y/o all lack this. But I could be very wrong, that is true. and there is no better place to learn and progress right now. I have not heard much of him. Mbappe shone to the World mostly in Champions League against elite opposition. Neymar has already made stats that can be done in a season for some players. Nobody, not even plays who flash onto the scene became "good enough for a first team" in a single day. But then he slowly showed that he was not worth the hype. Amerr30 3 years ago Real Madrid, Bosnia-Herzegovina 56 616 Who do you guys think is the best young player right now? These two young-ens have proven that they are no flops. :O...I normally have one life time supporting club, and at any given time have some favorites depends on players, coach, style at the very moment. I'll be honest, I have not seen much of him. Maybe he is even better.BTW: Fantastic goal. I believe Dembele possibly has a higher ceiling that both of these players, perhaps not so much than Mbappe. That is where he made his name, not in Lique 1.Asensio has been even more impressive because the teams he played against have mostly been of top-top quality.

How is he different from Robinho? So I think Mbappe has the biggest potential but right now Asensio has been playing the best.It's a hard decision between Mbappe and Assensio, but I'd probably go with same order as @Danastian stated. Not only that, imagine the INFINITE number of players who were on the level, but had a poor stretch of games when they least needed it - their debuts - and were therefore damned forever to non-league football or retirement?Potential is not an abstract concept.

These two young-ens have proven that they are no flops. These three, along with Real Madrid, are without a doubt the best teams in the World. Look at what he did to Manchester City in the Champions League. I will base an opinion on how he performs there.Both Asensio and Mbappe on the other hand have already proven that they do not crumble under pressure. Watch Queue Queue They're often rarely wrong, and when they are, it is usually become unforeseen roadblocks are thrown up, usually by the player themselves. And yes, I know Bale was injured most of last season but still, having being directly linked with 26 goals for your team in a single season isn't too bad. All three could start in a single team. I recall the first touch of his, with his heel he threw the ball over his opponent. He scored against every single one of these teams. Maybe he was?

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